10/01/2017 13:52:00

Starbucks launch the loyalty program in Vietnam

From January 10, Starbucks’ customers can register to be member of Starbucks Rewards.

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Starbucks RewardsTM is a new member-based loyalty program which gives customers rewards for ordering what they love. Member can easily earn stars for every visit to Starbucks which member earn a star for every 40,000Đ spent at the store. Starbucks RewardsTM membership is accessible to all Starbucks customers, with two-tiered membership levels offering increasingly greater rewards. Green and Gold offer more surprises, delights and personalization with each tier. 

“Starbucks RewardsTM is an important part of Starbucks goal to provide more benefits and create relevant and meaningful relationships with our customers in their interactions with Starbucks. With the introduction of the loyalty program, we are making every sip of coffee more rewarding. We hope customers embrace the enhanced customer experience that Starbucks RewardsTM provides.” said Patricia, General Manager. 

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At this same week, Starbucks also launches new flavors of the Winter: the new Golden Sesame Caramel Crunch Latte, which joins returning favorites Chestnut White Chocolate Truffle. Each beverage is inspired by the delectable taste of candy confections, this year’s assortment of winter beverages showcases our espresso artistry, and perfectly complements the roasty sweetness of Starbucks signature espresso.

“This is the season of coming together and expressing appreciation for our loved ones,” said Patricia Marques. “Our premium espresso offerings are carefully handcrafted and capture this sweet celebration of the season.”

Starbucks also welcomes the return of Guatemala Casi Cielo ‘almost heaven’, a bright and elegant with a smooth cocoa finish – an exquisite cup of coffee that celebrates everything we love about the Antigua region of Guatemala. From the tree to your cup, these coffees are a labour of love and ideal gifts for loved ones during this holiday season. 

 By Hoang Anh

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