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New chef arrives at Flamingo Dai Lai resort

When visiting Flamingo Dai Lai Resort, you not only have chance to feel the green space, close to nature, but also enjoy Flamingo’s special cuisines by its professional chefs.

Locating between the majestic mountains and lakes, Flamingo Dai Lai Resort’s been blessed with poetic landscape of mountains and blue water, cool fresh air, and abundant topography & ecosystem. Through tectonic hands and wisdom of people, this place’s become a beautiful eco-resort, which’s honored as Top 10 Hotels and Resorts worldwide.

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From May, Fois Thomas Joseph will become the new head chef of Flamingo Dai Lai Resort. Chef Thomas has over two decades of experience working in leading restaurants, hotels and resorts such as Hyatt Regency, Outrigger & Ohana, Metropolitan Club, and Crowne Plaza. He wants to create a new cooking concept, based on Vietnam’s authentic cuisine and his expertise.

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Thomas said: “I am very honoured to be a part of the amazing culinary team at Flamingo Dai Lai Resort, and I am extremely excited to launch the distinctive menu of cuisines from five continents.” Serving high class cuisines in unique, romantic space, the restaurant offers special Asian and Western menus created by professional cooks.

By Duc Hanh

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