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Michelin star Danang

World renowned French chef Pierre Gagnaire talks to Hanh Dung about La Maison 1888 and Vietnamese cuisine.

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What made you choose La Maison 1888?

Last year, when I came to InterCon - tinental Danang Sun Peninsula Resort on a holiday with my family, I immedi - ately fell in love with the land and the people here, especially the high-end luxury of the resort and restaurant La Maison 1888. Therefore, without any hesitation, I accepted the invitation from La Maison 1888 and InterContinental Danang Sun Peninsula Resort. For me, InterContinental Danang Sun Peninsula Resort is more than just a resort, it’s a true masterpiece. It is an architectural showpiece displaying all the quintessential symbolic beauty of Vietnamese culture. This place inspires me to create one of a kind dishes.

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What are your thoughts on the coun - try’s cuisine?

I was lured here by Vietnamese cui - sine. Its attractiveness comes from its fragrance. It is the combination of many kinds of spices and fresh ingredients, with simple processing that also re - quires skillful technique. I like pho and spring rolls and especially many kinds of sauces prepared from fish sauce. That’s why I try to put the soul of Vietnamese cuisine into the menu of La Maison 1888. I like to use ginger, coriander, on - ion and black pepper here. They help my dishes to be much more delicious and attractive.

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What is most important to you in terms of maintaining quality in your dishes?

If spice make the soul of the dish, the fresh ingredients are the body. As a chef, one of my inspirations is fresh ingredients. I can not create attractive dishes without them. One thing I always tell my staff is that all the dishes served at La Maison 1888 Danang must be selected from the freshest ingredients to ensure top quality and perfect taste.

How have you seen food culture change in your lifetime?

Time changes and the culture crossing between countries in the world makes it easier for people across five continents to taste and experience the cuisine of different nations. When I was young, I did not know about the existence of chopsticks, noo - dles or Asian cuisine. The generation of my children is different, they know how to eat fish sauce, sushi and noo - dles. The booming media and internet culture create great chances for nations to exchange and promote their cuisine. Vietnam needs more international high end restaurants like La Maison 1888 Danang to help promote it as an attractive cuisine destination.

Vietnamese cuisine and the luxury of La Mai - son 1888 keep me in Vietnam Pierre Gagnaire is a French chef, famous for his 12 Pierre Gagnaire restaurants all over the world, including two in Paris, as well as those in London, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Dubai and Las Vegas. In 2005, he was awarded three Michelin Stars and four years after that, he received a Five-Star Forbes award and became one out of the top 10 best chefs voted for by a jury of 512 international chefs and Le Chef magazine. Now Pierre Gagnaire is a member of the French cuisine Academy. Pierre came to Danang in early March 2016 for a cuisine show at La Maison 1888, the main restaurant of InterContinental Danang Sun Peninsula Resort. In 2016 La Maison 1888 was in the list of the top 10 World’s Best New Restaurants 2016 by CNN. In 2014 La Maison 1888 was ranked one of the world’s ten most beautiful restaurants by New York Daily News. 

 Hanh Dung

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