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Bolstering the workforce

Dong Thap province aims to provide professional training for tourism workers to help develop the country’s tourism industry, reports Huy Tu.

  • Families feast on bizarre menu to kill belly pests

    Today, throughout Vietnam, the prevailing image was fermented rice and lychees as the country celebrated ‘Tet Doan Ngo’: the national pest killing day.

  • Seeking identity

    Vietnam’s tourism industry is searching for a unique image to promote itself in the international tourism market, Averie Nguyen reports.

  • A Japanese man falls in love with Lo Lo culture

    Cuc Bac Café is a favorite destination for those dropping by Lo Lo Chai Hamlet in Lung Cu Commune, Dong Van District in the northern mountainous province of Ha Giang. The café results from Japanese Yasushi Ogura’s passion, effort and investment.

  • Roasted and ground: 10 places that make the coffee map of Saigon

    Located only seven hours by car from Vietnam's coffee capital Buon Ma Thuot, Saigon has succeeded in creating a coffee culture that tops the city’s talk-about list. These 10 cafes are the steaming evidence of a robust current that flows inside Saigon.

  • Inside the pagoda Obama plans to visit

    In his visit to Vietnam, the U.S. President Barack Obama is scheduled drop by the 100-year-old Ngoc Hoang (Jade Emperor) Pagoda at the heart of Saigon on the afternoon of May 24.

  • Colorful flotilla dazzles in Phu Quoc

    Tourists were treated to a Monet-like paysage as colorful boats raced under the Phu Quoc sun.

  • Ancient temples in southwestern Vietnam

    The ancient temples of Ang, Vinh Trang and Dat Set in the southwestern region of Vietnam attract travellers for their unique architectures.

  • The pristine beach in central Vietnam where locals offer independent tourism services

    The coarse, rugged fishermen residing around a secluded, fairytale-like beach in the south-central province of Binh Dinh have turned creatively resourceful since they began offering tourism services to both domestic and international holidaymakers a few years ago.

  • Paradise lost on Ly Son Island

    Ly Son Island has been recently promoted as an offshore wonder with crystal clear waters surrounding the volcano island, but it soon disappoints those who want to bring home a beautiful memory due to the heaps of garbage scattered along the beaches.

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