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Happy Tet at Di Mai

To celebration the year of the Rooster 2017, Di Mai restaurant offers a traditional flavour of authentic Vietnamese plates.

Happy Tet at Di Mai - 1

For Vietnamese people, Tet is always a special occasion for family gatherings or reunions. No matter where we are, or how busy we have been, everyone prioritize the preparation for Tet celebration in order to welcome a New Year full of joys and wealth. A red envelop of lucky money, a blossom apricot, or a calligraphy-blessing note, are three things to start a year with fulfillment.

Happy Tet at Di Mai - 2Happy Tet at Di Mai - 3To celebration Tet, Di Mai restaurant are offering a special gift for customers to cheer a successful new year. Rice Cake, and Pickle Onion. Other spectacular dishes, such as Boiled Beef Tail and Pork Pastern with Dried Bamboo Soup, or Steamed Rice in Lotus Leaf, and various Tet Beverages Menu will freshen yourself for a New Year. Tet Menu is applied from now to February 20 and combined of Meatball, Vietnamese ham with wooden ear mushroom, Vietnamese cold cut, Sticky.

Happy Tet at Di Mai - 4

Besides, when coming to Di Mai, its dear guests will receive a Calligraphy blessing note and numerous red envelop with every bill from 250,000 VND/person.

By Hoang Anh

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