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La Vong fish - a favourite dish of Hanoian

Located in Cha Ca street, 'Cha ca La Vong' (grilled fish) is the famous restaurant to many Hanoian as well as visitors from all over the world.

  • Summertime relaxation at Cuc Phuong National Park

    Tamas Bay explores the wildlife at Cuc Phuong national park in the northern province of Ninh Binh

  • Eight forests suitable for nature enthusiasts in Vietnam

    Cuc Phuong, Nam Cat Tien and U Minh are the ideal eco-tourist destinations for families or groups of young people on the weekends.

  • Families feast on bizarre menu to kill belly pests

    Today, throughout Vietnam, the prevailing image was fermented rice and lychees as the country celebrated ‘Tet Doan Ngo’: the national pest killing day.

  • Hanoi and its waters

    There is something that only a large body of water can offer. Lakes are part of what makes Hanoi the city it is now. VnExpress takes a look at the lakes worth visiting the most for Hanoi's first-timers.

  • Untapped UNESCO potential

    Vietnam is rich in fascinating world heritages sites, but they are not being exploited fully to leverage maximum tourism potential.

  • Catching dinner at Ky Co beach

    Located at the foothills of the towering Phuong Mai mountain range in the peninsula town of Nhon Ly in Quy Nhon City, the pristine Ky Co beach is picturesque, possessing both majestic and poetic beauty. The beach attracts many tourists, especially the adventurous sorts, because it not only has enchanting scenery, but also various surprises.

  • CNN suggests 10 dishes visitors should try in Vietnam

    CNN site give hints about ten street dishes that every visitor should not miss when they come to Vietnam, including bun cha, nem cuon, ca phe trung, banh mi, bot chien, pho and xoi.

  • Saigon chefs up the weird and the wonderful

    The land of rivers in the west of southern Vietnam has long been a go-to destination for its fruit gardens, floating markets and legendary gastronomy that encompasses in itself the heat of the land and the hospitality of local people.

  • Rooftop romance in Da Nang's lofty bars

    Da Nang takes full advantage of its coastal location and offers couples the option of elevated romantic moments at its rooftop bars and restaurants.

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