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Celebrating diversity

The Indigenous Knowledge-Spring of Life art and performance festival was held to honour diverse ethnic cultural values and the importance of indigenous knowledge as well as mutual understanding between different ethnic groups nationwide.

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During the festival, a series of activities, including an exhibition, traditional games and art performances, were organised with the participation of over 100 members of different groups nationwide, including Khmer, Tay, Gia Rai, Pa Co, Muong, Pa Then and H'Mong. On 13 December, representatives of 11 ethnic groups nationwide performed 16 unique repertoires. A series of daily activities took place on the stage of Hanoi National Conservatory of Music, including the beating of gongs to celebrate a new season of rice by the M’nong people as well as songs from Tay people and a traditional Khmer dance.

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Giang A Thong, a H’mong boy from the northern province of Lao Cai said: “I am very happy to have performed H’mong repertoires in Hanoi for the first time. Through the festival, I have gained more knowledge on cultures and features of other ethnic groups and I believe that other ethnic people have learned more about H’mong culture.” Brothers Ban Thua An and Ban Thi An, Dao people of Yen Bai province said: “We wanted to introduce Dao culture to both the international and domestic audience. We perform our traditional music with the aim of keeping our culture alive for future generations.”

The festival was organised by the Institute for Studies of Society, Economics and Environment (iSEE), in collaboration with the Centre for Community Empowerment (CECEM), and the world-wide development organisation Oxfam.

By Kim Oanh

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