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Bali: safe, clean & beautiful

Rizki Handayani, director for Promotion for South East Asia, Indonesian Ministry of Tourism, talks about the effect on tourism when Mount Agung erupted in Bali last November.

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How did the eruption of Mount Agung volcano last November effect tourism in Bali? 

The period since the eruption has not been the best time for tourism in Bali. Mount Agung has stopped erupting, and our region is now clean and safe to visit. Mount Agung is located in the north part of Bali while tourism is centred in the south, quite far from the volcano area, meaning tourist destinations are safe for tourists to visit. 

How have authorities in Bali handled the crisis?

The government took care of the situation of Mount Agung by organising a special team. We set up the Bali hospitality crisis management centre to provide updated information to local and international media. We also worked with PR companies to ensure accurate information was given. We prioritised looking after tourists as well as the safety of our own people. As we have many volcanoes in Indonesia, we have experience of handling the crisis situation. We set up many centres to manage the worst situations. 

Furthermore, we have prepared many attractive promotions and packages to bring tourist attention back to Bali. We are offering many hot deals for hotels, restaurants and transportation and hope that foreign tourists can enjoy perfect holidays in Bali and Indonesia.

Have you got any plans to promote tourism between Indonesia and Vietnam?

I’m happy to report that the number of Vietnamese tourists coming to Indonesia is increasing rapidly while the number of Indonesian tourists visiting Vietnam has doubled. We have hosted many activities to promote tourism in Vietnam recently. We have also worked closely with Vietnamese travel agencies to learn how to attract Vietnamese tourists to Indonesia. We intend to invite travel agencies, reporters, bloggers, etc. to experience our destinations, in order to introduce them more widely.

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Until now, Vietnamese people mainly know about Bali and Jakarta while the Indonesian archipelago is a collection of islands that holds untold treasures in its diversity of cultures, landscapes, and cities. With nearly 13,500 islands under its jurisdiction, Indonesia offers an adventure for everyone, from exploring ancient temples and hiking active volcanoes to diving in largely untouched waters at various attractive destinations such as Yogyakarta, Bintan island, Batam, Bandung and etc. So to in the near future we will cooperate with international airlines between Vietnam and Indonesia, including Vietjet and Vietnam Airlines. Due to the limited capacity of our airports, we will create opportunities for airlines to open new routes to other famous tourist destinations. 

We also hope that we can attract huge Vietnamese tourism investors to visit such spots in Indonesia as Toba Lake in the north Sumatra Island. I paid a visit to Fanxipan and I am very amazing to the cable car system to the high peak, I hope can attract such Vietnam tourism groups to invest in Indonesia.

By Que Chi

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