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A green oasis for couples

Rajat Chhabra, deputy general director of Hospitality at Flamingo Dailai, shares with Timeout his ideas about the perfect honeymoon.

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Rajat Chhabra, deputy general director of Hospitality at Flamingo Daila

What do you see as essential for a place to be a honeymoon paradise?

A honeymoon paradise is where couples can freely enjoy their first beautiful days with each other after marriage. I believe that Flamingo Dailai is an ideal honeymoon paradise. We are confident that honeymooners will feel romance and love in this resort complex due to the harmonious combination of nature, music, art, and culture. The room decor also creates a romantic ambience.

At Flamingo Resort, couples will stay in luxury rooms especially decorated for newlyweds. We can provide them with a host of exciting entertainment activities and there are many attractive places to spend time within the resort. Couples can enjoy various dishes created by professional chefs served in the restaurants, or can opt to dine at the golf course, by the pool or at another location of their choice, as we aim to satisfy the desires of each couple.

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What are the factors that create a perfect honeymoon?

For me, the ideal honeymoon is one where couples can spend time with each other, eating delicious food and participating in interesting activities in a wonderful natural atmosphere.

All of these are available in Flamingo Dailai and in addition, we have bands and DJs, so together, couples can enjoy melodious or vibrant music, based on their interests.

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How does Flamingo Resort stand out from other honeymoon destinations?

Every destination has its own uniqueness and attractiveness. At Flamingo Dailai, we have the advantage of location as we are based just 45 minutes drive from central Hanoi. Visitors can stay in a fresh and natural space, just far enough away from the noise and pollution of the crowded urban areas.

Nature, arts, and other services are designed in our unique Flamingo style so no other honeymoon destination can be exactly the same as us.

Is Flamingo offering any special package or services for the coming wedding season?

We have created numerous wedding packages and each one will bring happiness and satisfaction for couples and their families on such an important day of their lives. Our wedding packages provide couples with a wide range of choice in decoration, menus, and entertainment activities as well as offering a honeymoon paradise which promises to create unforgettable memories for the newlyweds.

Flamingo Dailai is a complex of numerous constructions and it offers various resort services, entertainment and cuisine. It is a fantastic option for weddings and honeymoons in a luxury and beautiful space, surrounding by green nature as well as other unique Flamingo Dailai-stylised art and culture. All of these things promise to create a special experience for a wide range of visitors of all ages.

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How much do the services cost?

The cost is based on the particular wedding package that couples and their families choose, which will vary depending on the restaurant, decoration, menu, and entertainment options and any discount or promotion programmes that apply. We will try our best to satisfy all of the couple’s requirements for their own unique wedding. Flamingo can be considered an ideal place for weddings and honeymoons at various prices.

Can you share some experiences couples may have while staying in this resort?

Couples can enjoy romance from the natural space in Flamingo and other little touches like the special decorations and arrangements for couples in the bedroom, bathroom and other facilities in the resort. 

Do you have any suggestions for couple spending their honeymoon here?

They should enjoy each other’s company and the services that we can offer, including the numerous locations, various wines and fine food. Walking in the forest, hand in hand is highly recommended. There are so many activities for couples to choose from at Flamingo Resort. 

By Trang Vu

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